Summer Reading Project of Awesome

I haven’t done anything with this blog for far too long, so I’m revisiting my idea of a reading blog (which school got on the way of this year). And I know how I operate, if I don’t challenge myself nothing gets done long term. I know it didn’t work with the classics challenge I had joined, but alas, hopefully this will.

Finally, this is my last official day of school, I’m done with my finals and the only things in the horizon are two universities entrance examinations (the one I really want is in January). Now, what’s a bookworm to do? Read. So, I’ve come up with my Summer Reading Project of Awesome (SRPOA for short), which consists basically of me reading whatever book I can get my hands on and writing about them.

Three points worth mentioning of SRPOA:

1)      I live in Brazil, so yes our summer is staring now and goes until roughly April next year (when I’ll hopefully already be enrolled in uni so fingers crossed for me).

2)      I love reading and I read all the time, but recently I’ve started wondering if maybe I shouldn’t consider them more in depth and critically. Best way to do that? Writing. Which means critics are welcome (as long as they are constructive, thanks).

3)      I’ve already said I read a lot, but I am not a vary eclectic reader (in part because I’ve got limited access to English books here)  and I mostly stick with ‘safe’ options (books I know I’ll like). I’d like to widen my horizons a bit.

The only specific thing I’m going to do is try and read more classics, I’ve got so many sitting prettily on my selves and half of them are utter virgins, so to speak. I’m not setting a number or a time limit (apart from not stopping until it’s cold, then staring all over again). I’m here to have fun, which is a given with books, and making the most of my favorite thing: stories.


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